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Getting up each day and following your planner takes the stress away of figuring what needs to be done. Here's a great way to teach yourself, or even master, organization skills. Everything is written down for you and visually seeing it helps improve your brain’s visual memory. Comprised here is a written scrapbook and reference tool, which chronicles your college experience.

Keep track of your bills and bill due dates. Create your budget! With this planner, you are empowered to map out the time to work, hang out, and even vegetate. You can now set goals and observe the date getting closer and closer; finally, proof of reaching your goals.

Make The Right Choices
This planner enables you to see areas where you are possibly spending too much time, and other areas that might need more attention.
Write It Down
Keeping up with this planner, manages all of the activities you participate in  and are documented for you to look back on later on.
Record A Date
Using this planner allows you to stay on top of things, while giving you holistic view of activities and goals that deserve your priority.
Plan Your Entire Week In 15 Minutes
And Have Fun Guilt Free!
Here's How To Maximize Your Planner (and your fun time too!)
"Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution."
-Brian Tracy 

What is your time worth to you?
Examples Of Real Student Success Using The "Guide 2 Graduation":
"61.4% of Students Say Their Guide To Graduation Daily Planner Helps Them Maximize College"
- 2016 Student Survey, William Paterson University
"The daily checklist was extremely helpful to me
and I used the notes section to specify what part of the assignments I wrote in the daily checklist that I would do each day."
 - Freshman Student, William Paterson University
"It saved me a lot of time and embarrassment!
By physically writing something down I remember it more, and every time I look at a planner that says Graduation on it I am reminded to stay on track and graduate!
- Senior Student, William Paterson University
"It helps keep me organized and on top of everything I need to do."
- Freshman Student, William Paterson University
Plan Your Entire Week In 15 Minutes
And Have Fun Guilt Free!
More About Author Jullien Gordon
Jullien is the creator of the Guide 2 Graduation as well as a sought after college speaker for both students and faculty. By speaking to both groups Jullien is able to give them common language that facilitates better communication and understanding. His talks include The Other 4.0, Motivating Millenials, and No All Nighters, among others.
Jullien graduated from UCLA in three years by creating his own time keeping system that would later become the 
Guide 2 Graduation. 
Today he speaks at colleges to help students maximize their college investment, before and after graduation.
Plan Your Entire Week In 15 Minutes
And Have Fun Guilt Free!
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