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This Is NOT Your Average Planner.
The traditional student planner simply has the date and some lines. It doesn’t give students enough structure to succeed. We give your students structure to schedule their unstructured time.  The Guide To Graduation is a proven time management system which is helping first-year students maximize their time in college. We teach your students how to prioritize their whole life so they can plan for success.

Envision The Entire Week In 15 Minutes
Add Their Classes & Have-Tos
3 Minutes

Block out any classes, study groups, student group meetings they have have on their current calendar
Set Their Weekly 
4 Minutes
Determine what their priorities are for the week are and rank them based on importance and urgency so they know what to focus on first
Create Their Weekly To Do List
4 Minutes
Determine the to do list items they want to achieve based on their priorities and anchor them in time on their time grid
Schedule Their Action Items
4 Minutes
Input exactly when they are going to accomplish their to do list items in the gaps in their weekly calendar
Help Your Students Stay Focused
Getting up each day and following a planner takes the stress away of figuring what needs to be done. Here's a great way to teach students organization skills. Everything is written down for them.  Also, visually seeing it helps improve their brain’s visual memory. Comprised here is a written scrapbook and reference tool, which chronicles the college experience.

Keep track of classes, assignments, exams and, especially, dates. Map out LIFE! With this planner, students are empowered to map out the time to study, hang out, and even dream. They can now set goals and observe the date getting closer and closer; finally, proof of reaching their goals.

What Makes The Guide To Graduation Unique?
Student To Do List & Calendar Side-By-Side
If every to do list item has a time associated with it, then it should be right next to the calendar so that it gets done.
A Scoreboard To Track Student Daily Habits
Whether they want to exercise, eat lunch, meditate, or reach a chapter every day, now they can track it here.
Say Bye Bye To The Syllabi
Instead of waking up and looking at their syllabus every day to see what they have do, it will all be laid out here.
What’s Wrong With Traditional Planners?
A Great Time Management System = A Monthly Calendar + To Do List + A Weekly Time Grid
Missing Priorities
This student knows their class schedule, but doesn’t know what their daily homework assignments or studying for upcoming exams.
Missing Schedule
This student knows when daily homework is due, but they haven’t allocated time to complete the assignments or study for big exams.
Missing Homework
This student writes out their schedule by hand but they haven’t integrated daily homework or studying in the gaps in their schedule.
Examples Of Real Student Success Using 
The Guide To Graduation:
"61.4% of Students Say Their Guide To Graduation Daily Planner Helps Them Maximize College"
- 2016 Student Survey, William Paterson University
"The daily checklist was extremely helpful to me
and I used the notes section to specify what part of the assignments I wrote in the daily checklist that I would do each day."
 - Freshman Student, William Paterson University
"It saved me a lot of time and embarrassment!
By physically writing something down I remember it more, and every time I look at a planner that says Graduation on it I am reminded to stay on track and graduate!
 - Senior Student, William Paterson University
"It helps keep me organized and on top of everything I need to do."
 - Freshman Student, William Paterson University
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About The Author, Jullien Gordon
“We assume that students know how to manage their time, but college is the first time they’ve had unstructured time. We lose them in those gaps.”
– Jullien Gordon
Jullien Gordon has been called the “voice of his generation” for his deep understanding of Millennials and they truly desire in terms of work, relationships, money, education, and life. He is committed to helping Millennials and those that work with them recognize each other’s relationship to life so that we can all benefit from each generation’s unique gifts and contributions.

As the son of 2 doctors, when Jullien got to UCLA, everyone thought that he would become a doctor too, but he knew that wasn’t what he was called to do. He didn’t discover his true calling until he graduated from UCLA in 3 years and was given the opportunity to speak at graduation where he received a standing ovation. The same thing happened when he graduated from Stanford with his MBA and Masters in Education, and now Jullien is a nationally recognized speaker, 4-time TED Talker, and 4-time author.

Jullien is creator of The Self Masters Degree Program—an online college, career, and life skills curriculum to help college students develop what he calls “The Other 4.0.” He has touched the lives of over 20,000 college students at nearly 100 campuses nationwide with his speeches, books, and curriculums.

He blogs weekly at on millennials, higher education, and leadership. Jullien Gordon is originally from Oakland, California and currently resides in Brooklyn, New York with his wife, Pam, and his daughter, Jada.

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