The New Freshman 15
The 1st All-In-One First Year Experience Curriculum & Student Planner
About The Book
This is not your typical freshman seminar text. The New Freshman 15 is all about teaching first year college students the life skills that will help maximize their academic success, personal growth, and professional development. 

In his signature straight, no chaser style, Jullien Gordon breaks down what our young adults really need to know and do to make the most of their four years in college and be prepared for life beyond college. But Jullien doesn’t just share great information; he delivers immediately actionable activities for students that give the information personal context which increases its impact. 
The 15 Success Skills
1. Research & Strategic Planning
2. Time Management
3. Money Management
4. Visioning & Intention
5. Leadership
6. Asset Mapping
7. Personal Goal Setting
8. Networking
9. Passion & Problem Finding
10. Career Discovery & Management
11. Entrepreneurship
12. Self-Awareness
13. Self-Directed Learning
14. Personal Branding
15. Develop Your Own Skill

Also Included...
The New Freshman 15 Also Doubles As A Student Planner
This Is NOT Your Average Planner.
The traditional student planner simply has the date and some lines. It doesn’t give students enough structure to succeed. We give your students structure to schedule their unstructured time.  The Guide To Graduation is a proven time management system which is helping first-year students maximize their time in college. We teach your students how to prioritize their whole life so they can plan for success.

Let's Look Inside...
Guide To Graduation Case Study:
William Patterson University
"61.4% of Students Say Their Guide To Graduation Daily Planner Helps Them Maximize College"
- 2016 Student Survey, William Paterson University
"The daily checklist was extremely helpful to me and I used the notes section to specify what part of the assignments I wrote in the daily checklist that I would do each day."
 - Freshman Student
William Paterson University
"It saved me a lot of time and embarrassment! By physically writing something down I remember it more, and every time I look at a planner that says Graduation on it I am reminded to stay on track and graduate!
 - Senior Student
 William Paterson University
"It helps keep me organized and on top of everything I need to do."
 - Freshman Student
William Paterson University
Option #1: Make it a required textbook
Once you tell us what enrollment is, we will work with your on-campus bookstore to make sure that copies are available for purchase on the first day of classes. The retail price is $45 and then the bookstore may have a markup.
$45 + bookstore markup
Option #2: Students buy it direct online
Students can purchase the book directly from us for $45 with free shipping.
Option #3: Buy it in bulk for all freshmen
You can give it as a gift to all incoming freshmen. We will ensure that it arrives before the semester begins. Prices go as low at $15 per book. We can even add customization (cover, academic calendar, and up to 10 additional pages) for orders of 1,000+*.
* Add your custom cover, academic calendar, and up to 10 addtional pages for $500
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How to use The New Freshman 15?
The book is a combination of a textbook and workbook. It can be used as the primary text for a first year seminar course or as a supplement to an existing text. Professors can choose to present lectures based on the book’s content or use Jullien’s content to fuel engaging class discussions. The New Freshman 15 can also be used as a Freshman reader for students to read prior to coming to campus for the fall semester. And, because the content is relevant to all college students it can also be utilized as a one campus reader.
Q: Is The New Freshman 15 just for first year students?
No, the content in The New Freshman 15 is beneficial for all college students, regardless of their year. It will likely be most impactful for students just starting out in college who haven’t yet made life-changing mistakes that they’ll need to recover from. So, consider The New Freshman 15 for your first year programs, your sophomore transition programs, your student support programs, and other programs for special populations and student leaders.
Q: How can you get The New Freshman 15 on your campus?
If The New Freshman 15 will be required or supplemental reading as part of a course, we can work with your bookstore to have the book stocked on site. If you want to order copies in bulk to give to your students, our team will work directly with you to get the books in your hands. Students will also be able to purchase a copy on Amazon.
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About The Author, Jullien Gordon
“We assume that students know how to manage their time, but college is the first time they’ve had unstructured time. We lose them in those gaps.”
– Jullien Gordon
Jullien Gordon is a 6-time author, 4-time TEDx speaker, and has been featured on MSNBC, Forbes, and INC for his annual New Year Guide life and career visioning tool which has helped thousands of his entrepreneurial and professional students discover their Life’s Work and create more happy hours in their lives.
He has spoken at over 100 colleges nationwide and his corporate clients include the likes of PepsiCo, JPMorgan Chase, Daimler, Johnson & Johnson, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.  

Jullien’s vision is a world where everyone has a team. As CEO of, Jullien is creating a global movement of purpose-based entrepreneurship and lifestyle design that inspires members to take immediate inspired action towards a more purposeful, passionate, and profitable personal and professional life.

Jullien earned his MBA and M. Ed. from Stanford and his BA from UCLA in three years. He gives his time and money as a member of the Board of Directors of BUILD, a non-profit that teaches the entrepreneurial mindset to high schoolers in urban communities nationwide. 
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Inspiration is not enough. I don’t believe in ra-ra speeches that get everyone excited for 30 minutes. The moment they leave all that energy dies. I believe that inspiration + action = real results. I’m committed to making sure that your students graduate…on-time…employed…and ready for the real world.
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